About Us

The Force Academy (FA) was founded in 1998 and it’s one of the first online communities of it’s kind. We are a collaborative community initiative that studies the philosophy and real world application of the Force. This is a philosophical and educational effort, aimed at learning from the Force and Jediism, and not in merely roleplaying the fiction.

The Aspects

The FA is home to many students of the Force, who mainly align with one of three Aspects:

  • Light – Sometimes known as the traditional Jedi archetype
  • Dark – Sometimes known as the Dark Jedi¬†archetype
  • Shadow – An aspect unique to this community

Each Aspect emphasizes different methods, tools and approaches to the Force, which result in a variety of spiritual paths for both the Community and the Individual. We welcome those who choose to follow one of the three Aspects as well as those who prefer an alternative road, regardless of any religious, cultural, or ethnic background.

The Challenge

Our community is home to generations of students and masters who work hand-in-hand to maintain a high standard of community dialogue and development. We offer personalized education programs as well as the opportunity to exchange with our seasoned members in a virtual study environment.

Prepare to question, to be questioned, to struggle, grow, and learn about yourself as you discover who you are in a life-changing endeavor.

This is our challenge. Are you ready?

Explore the LightI want something for my world.

Explore the ShadowI want to know my world.

Explore the DarkI want power in my world.